Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jesus Loves Me!

The princess loves to sing and this is one of her favorite songs! We sing it continually throughout the day...when we're in the kitchen, when we're in the car, when she's in the tub, before she goes to bed...basically, you could call it her theme song:) The special moms at Hannah's Hope taught it to her, so she's been singing it since the first day we met her! I've recently really pondered the words to this children's song that I've known since I was a little girl..."Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak, but He is strong!" At nighttime I think about those words as I'm holding her...she is weak, but God is soooo strong! He saw her need and brought her to us! He is truly AMAZING!

May each of you know at this moment how very precious you are to God. Jesus loves you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Hairstyle for the Princess

This cute hairstyle is one "B" herself showed me! We were at a friend's house for our teaching co-op when the princess discovered these little rubberbands in the toy room. Immediately she began to put them all over her head...her tiny fingers were so cute as she was twisting each section of her hair to make it even all the way around! I only had to help her with the ones on the back of her head! She is constantly amazing us with all the things that she has learned to do for herself. She is a treasure to us:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Girlie-Girl

We are so enjoying getting to know our newest daughter! She is extremely expressive and makes us laugh alot:) Her little eyes light up when are playing "chase" or peek-a-boo. One of her favorite games is to pretend to put one of us to bed ("mahtah-mahtah"="night-night")...she makes us lie on the couch and covers us with the blanket. If we cry, she pats us and says, "Ah-teh-free" (don't be afraid). The funniest part is when she wants one of the kids to come and sit on her lap...she's very serious about this!

She's also a girlie-girl which is great! She loves to wash her hands, brush her teeth, get dressed, and fix her hair. Some of her favorite things are lotion (Japanese cherry-blossom is her favorite), chapstick (this was a life-saver on our trans-Atlantic plane ride!), head-bands, and anything that sparkles (purses, shoes, etc). She is also like her big sister in that she loves to go "bye-bye":) We're filled with gratitude to God that He has brought her into our family!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Journey

That is what I have called this 12 month process towards adopting our little daughter from Ethiopia. Actually it only took nine months, I just wrestled with God for three. Many have asked how K and I arrived at adopting our little girl. Along with how much does that cost? Wow you are doing what? Now, how old are you? Here are a few lessons that God taught me as we started walking on this Journey.
1. Somewhere in my life of raising three children, I was taught that the busy life I was living being a dad to three great kids ages 13,11, and 9, leading a church, living life with my family and friends would soon be over and that Real Life really begins at lets say for me 51 (Empty Nest). Adopting at my age a 2 ½ year old would push this back to let's say 58. All kids gone from the house at 18. Somewhere, I was taught that there is an age that you are too old to give life and then there is an age that Real Life for those who are too old to give life begins. God pushed me on this and I got in line with him and I am betting that my daughter will give me more life than any golf course or doing my selfish thing could ever provide.
2. Thoughts came to my mind like another mouth to feed. (Don’t mention that I could just eat less and share my food with this new mouth and I would benefit health wise by not eating so much) College to pay for, clothes to buy etc. Then the reality of what I was embarking on hit me. It was like God said D will you shut up and see the big picture, there is a little girl who has no home and you can provide for her with what you have now. She has no home!!! K and I were walking back from the orphanage with our daughter and she said, B has nothing to bring with her, all she has is what we brought for her. The clothes she was wearing at the orphanage, they stay for the next child. She has nothing to bring, yet now she has a home. Talk about a moment.