Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The African Princess' First Bike Ride!

On Sunday, we found our bike seat up in the attic!!! The weather was just perfect for the little darling's very first bike ride! She loved it:) Having her on my bike brought back all kinds of memories from our three other kids riding in the bike seat...long bike rides on the Monan Trail, stopping at Subway in Broadripple, playing at the park...aahhh...does this mean I'm getting old when I begin to reminisce about my children's past? Anyway, B. did love the ride and especially enjoyed our final destination...the local Dairy Queen!!! She got to do what everyone in our small town does in the spring - sit on the wall at DQ and wave at friends as they honk and drive by. It means that spring has finally arrived:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Buddy Boy has reclaimed the name "Ratatouille" for desiring to and successfully fixing scrambled eggs all by himself for the first time! It was such a stunning accomplishment at lunch time that we asked him for a repeat performance at dinner:) Very well done! So now he's famous in our household not only for his delicious fruit salad, but for his super scrambled eggs! And I'm going to encourage him to keep on cooking;)
Meanwhile, Bub had a first today also...he was hitting some baseballs with his Dad and actually broke his baseball bat! Dad claims it was the pitching that broke the bat, but we know it was really those 13 year old muscles of steel!
Little African Princess has her first doctor appt. with our regular pediatrician and came out with flying colors...27 lbs. and 36 inches...and LOTS of spunk! Big Sister was a lot of help in the dr.'s office and continues to grow more and more in love with her baby sister each day.
Now, I know that those of you who really know me are surprised that I'm taking the time to blog...I've been tapering off...but 2 of the kids are out of the house right now and the other 2 are playing happily so here it is:) I'm praying for each of you!!!