Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picking Apples

We continued our family tradition of picking apples at Anderson Orchard last Friday. Our very first year, our oldest was only 1 year old and now he's 13! It's always such a wonderful experience to go in the fall and explore the orchard together. It's one of our youngest son's very favorite things to do. The day before we went he asked me if it was okay to be as excited about picking apples at the orchard as Christmas Day! YES! It was a glorious September day - blue skies and warm sunshine! We went way back in the orchard, harvested Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples, then played hide-n-seek among the trees. I surprised the kids, AND my husband, by hiding way up in one of the trees. Later, we feasted on a picnic lunch ( including delicious, fresh-picked raspberries) by a small lake at the end of the field. Before we left, we all had to enjoy true "apple slushies". We are looking forward to taking our precious African daughter to the orchard with us next year!